Lake Erie1Project Lake Erie is a NOAA funded collaboration between The University of Connecticut, The University of Michigan, National Wildlife Federation, Old Woman Creek of Ohio and Grace College. The main aim of this project is to enhance manager and stakeholder awareness of and responses to changing climatic conditions and their impacts on Lake Erie. This collaborative project brings together scientists and stakeholders to advance knowledge about the effectiveness of agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to reduce HABs.

Our project involving multiple partners, builds on ongoing research efforts to link modeling outputs to stakeholder decisions concerning nutrient loads and impacts in Lake Erie in a changing climate context. The ongoing water quality concerns in Lake Erie challenge management efforts. In this project we:

  1. Iteratively engage users in defining the problem and potential solutions;
  2. Run models with user-informed scenarios to assess and evaluate implications for management decisions on nutrient loads in current and future conditions;
  3. Co-produce guidance to inform adaptation options.